Is Internet Phone Service Right For Me?

Internet phone serviceAs with anything, Internet phone service is not right for everyone.  Fortunately, there are different kinds of Internet phone services available and while some may not be right for you, others may actually be a far better fit.  Understanding which Internet phone service is a good fit for you will require asking yourself a few questions and seeing how the answer to those questions impacts the suitability of Internet phone service for you and your situation.

Do You Like Saving Money?  If So, Look At Internet Phone Service

Internet phone service uses a family of technologies that are generally referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, to deliver affordable telecommunications to the masses.  The secret to the value is the use of the Internet, a modern general purpose Internet that is inherently designed to move all sorts of data from Point A to Point B in a timely and efficient manner.  The affordability factor comes into play because the Internet moves all sorts of data in a toll-free fashion, whereas the older Plain Old Telephone System (Or POTS for short) was designed to move only audio data in electronic format and generate revenues with the control of those audio signals.

Do You Live in an Area With No Broadband Access?  If so, Internet Phone Service Might Not Work…

Because Internet phone service relies on at least a modest underlying broadband connection, it is not necessarily available in all areas in all of its forms.  The good news is that only the most remote and rural of areas does not offer at least a transparent Internet phone service where a specialized device somewhere on the property switches the signals from the old analog/digital hybrid POTS network to the fully-digital VoIP-backed Internet system.  More urban areas are treated to full-blown broadband in all of its glory and the accompanying flexibility that comes from that network access.

Do You Call International?  If So, Look At Internet Phone Service

If you call Internationally on a regular basis, you need to get off of the POTS network as soon as possible!  That network is designed with digital toll booths that rack up the dollars and cents with each passing minute to move audio signals from one country to the other.  By comparison, the Internet is a toll-free superhighway of the future.

Are You Antisocial?  If So, Perhaps a Telephone System of Any Kind is Not a Good Value…

If you are someone that does not send or receive a lot of calls, then perhaps no phone system is a good value for you.  If this describes you , you may be fortunate as you can always come out of your shell sometime and sign up then.

Do You Already Own a Telephone?  If So, Look At Internet Phone Service

Most Internet phone services come with the option to buy a specialized phone or piece of software, or may even offer these for free.  If you have an existing phone you can either opt for a transparent system that converts the entire internal wiring of your home or business phone system into a fully digital VoIP system or a converter device so that you can use your old phone.  Remember that Internet phone services provide far better quality than the old POTS system, so your phone may not be able to take full advantage of the better sound quality unless you upgrade.

Are You Hearing Impaired?  If So, There May Be Better Options

The world has become a much more open and friendly place for the hearing impaired in the past few decades.  Once relegated to TTY devices, the fact of the matter is that the additional clarity provided by the power of VoIP-fueled Internet phones may be partially or totally lost on you.  That does not mitigate or otherwise take away from the fact that others in the household may appreciate the great audio quality, but there may be better alternatives such as ASL-video phones, SMS texting, or the Internet and its myriad of social networking sites and even e-mail.

Do You Want a High Tech New Phone or Software Phone?  If So, Look At Internet Phone Service

If you do not have a phone or want a new phone or software phone, then you certainly should settle for nothing less than an Internet phone service.